Vehicle Insurance

At one time vehicles being used for voluntary work were only covered by insurance companies if business use was specified, and were not covered by social, domestic & pleasure.

But now, many, if not all, of the larger insurance companies will now cover voluntary work within social, domestic & pleasure, but some of the smaller ones may not.

Volunteers using their own vehicles should inform their insurance company that the vehicle is being used for voluntary work. There may not be an extra premium. Some companies insist that the volunteer will have to change their policy to business cover, but usually if you make it clear that you are not making any profit from volunteering they will cover the voluntary activity under social use.

Please make sure you have adequate cover – this is your responsibility.

Companies that are known to cover ‘response’ at no extra cost are: Adrian Flux, NFU, Sureterm, and Asda.

Here is a letter to insurance companies that can be used