MROC 4x4 Response is run completely by volunteers who give their time and vehicles free. We do of course have operational costs to keep the group running and, as such, we are heavily reliant on the generosity and goodwill of our volunteers to give up their time, vehicle running costs and personal equipment to maintain the groups momentum.

We keep our administration costs to a minimum and these are presently met by the Midland Rover Owners Club, while the cost of DBS checks are met by the Local Authority.

We are very fortunate that we managed to secure funding from the National Lottery and that has been crucial in helping to provide some of our specific equipment and training.

In order for the group to maintain an efficient response to requests for assistance to local communities, and play an important role as an integral part of those communities, we need to be sure that our volunteers continue to be equipped with suitable training, clothing and equipment.

If you feel that you or your organisation are in a position to help the group, and therefore the local community, either financially or with goods or services and wish to discuss in more detail then please contact John at