Group membership

Membership of the group is restricted to members of the Midland Rover Owners Club Ltd only, but there is no other outlay so you get the benefits of the club as well as the response group.

If you aren’t a member of the Midland Rover Owners Club and wish to join, please click here.

If you would like to join MROC 4x4 Response, please download this PDF membership form then email to

To apply online, click here:


On Road Driving

  • Be aware of basic convoy rules

  • Safe towing techniques

Off-Road Driving (training is given)

Practical & theoretical knowledge of the following:-

  • Steep ascent & descent of gradients including failed hill climbs

  • Safe crossing of ridges and ruts

  • Safe driving of gullies

  • Wading techniques

  • Basic recovery & towing techniques


  • All members should be equipped with mobile phones enabling contact to be maintained between vehicles and our incident controller or group co-ordinator. You will also be equipped with 2 way radio as the main form of communication.

  • For good communication purposes, the phonetic alphabet should be known, and knowledge of radio procedure useful.

  • An ability to give OS grid references for accurate positioning, and to navigate using grid references and OS maps